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Boccetti S.r.l.
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Our history


Boccetti srl

Our history
  • 1970 Boccetti srl

    la nostra storia

    The year it all began

    In 1970, from the dream of Paolo Boccetti, the company "Boccetti Paolo Officina Meccanica" was born, based in Turin, whose main activity was in third party outsourcing manufacturing.
  • The initial step towards independence1980

    Subsequently, the corporation began to grow by diversifying its activities, building the first complete equipment in the food sector.
    1980 prima attrezzatura completa settore alimentare Boccetti srl
  • 1989 Boccetti srl

    1989 nuova sede Grugliasco Boccetti srl

    A new headquarters for Boccetti's precision mechanics

    Innovation and functionality need the proper space to operate optimally. For this purpose, Paolo Boccetti moved the company to the industrial area of Grugliasco, the logistical hub of Italian companies of excellence such as Comau, Bertone, Pininfarina and one of the five main industrial centres in Piedmont.
  • The first turnkey plant 1995

    In these years Boccetti srl began what would later be a path full of successes and growth at the world level. It develops its own production of special machines and turnkey production plants, whose applications extend to various industrial production sectors.
    1995-Primi impianti chiavi in mano Boccetti srl- Elettrorava
  • 1997 Boccetti srl

    • Paolo Boccetti- Leonardo Boccetti
    • Faletto Adriano

    Precision mechanics:

    A passion handed down from generation to generatio

    Paolo Boccetti, our founder, has always transmitted his passion, for precision mechanics, to his descendants and collaborators.

    Indeed, since 1997, due to his sudden death, his son Leonardo Boccetti and his family have continued the activity, pursuing the process of company growth and bringing the innovativeness and versatility of a new generation management to Boccetti srl, also thanks to the precious contribution of Mr. Faletto Adriano, who was the Production Manager at the time.
  • Construction of the first valve profile grinding machine 2008

    Our improvement path has led us to specialise in the production of grinding machinery, and in 2008 we created our first RSB valve seat grinding machine for combustion engines.

    In 2010 our first Valve Profile Grinding Machine was born, characterised by the accuracy of the loading and unloading in the gripper, which gently accompanies the valve along the path set by the machine, boasting a more competitive price, compared to multinational competitor companies. The great flexibility of the RPB allows it to process a wide range of valves of different length, head diameter, stem diameter with a very fast changeover time.

    Boccetti continues to develop specialization in the construction of machinery dedicated to grinding processes, introducing in 2014 the first RCB valve collar grinding machine.

    Find out more about our company's wide range of products and the technical features of our machines
    • 2008 RSB
    • 2008 RSB
    • prima Rettificatrice profilo valvola RPB Boccetti srl
    • 2014 RcB
  • 2015 We are getting bigger and bigger!

    sezione montaggio Boccetti srl
    In order to meet the needs of our customers even more promptly, in 2015 we expanded our production facility by building a new hall for the assembly of our machinery.
  • Boccetti srl arrives in China! 2018

    In 2018, our Service is opened in Shanghai, guaranteeing our new customers our presence in the area. The company M.B.C. is born, specialised in the retrofit of grinding machines for engine connecting rods, combining the quality and excellence of Made in Italy with work in China efficiency.
    M.B.C.- Boccetti srl
  • 2020 Boccetti srl

    immagine logo rete: I.A.C.N.E.T

    IACNET network of companies

    Italian Automation companies network

    Local dimensions, Global expertise...
    This is the concept for which Boccetti srl wanted to share its commitment with other local companies, representing the excellence of Made in Italy, thus founding the network of companies IACNET.

    Our mission is to offer a complete service for the production of whole machines (turnkey) or for the contract manufacturing of individual workpieces. By partnering with us, our customers are able to cope with sudden production peaks, streamline their procurement process and secure a significant reduction in production costs and risks.
  • Research and development 2021

    Innovation and functionality

    As a result of the continuous research of new products to satisfy the needs of the customers, the new RGB pre-finishing and super-finishing valve stem grinding machine is born. Thanks to the technical solutions adopted, it is one of the most precise machines currently on the market. The main features:
    • Hydrodynamic grinding wheel rotation spindle, which can be used in both pre-finishing and super-finishing processes with a rotation speed of 45mt/sec;
    • Diamond rotation electrospindle, whose rotation speed is 8000 g/min, guaranteeing superior quality in the wheel dressing process.
    • Base made of granite, which provides advantages in terms of dimensional stability, vibration damping and reduced thermal expansion coefficient.
    • Loader unit: gravity loader with cylinder and pneumatic gripper for valve support on blade (positive load)
    nuova RGB Boccetti srl
  • 2021 Teamwork, our strategy!

    Our company regards its employees as an added value. In just six months, we have expanded our team by introducing key figures in international trade:

    Dr. Roberto Zara- Internationalization Management Consultant
    Sara Fusco- Digital Export Strategist

    Contributing to our desire for growth and innovation, thanks to the Roberto Zara and Partners team, we have forged a new partnership with Dr. Leopizzi and Ing. de Pascale, which has enabled us to introduce, in our production line, customisable solutions for the following industrial processes: - Contact us to find out more!
  • Looking towards the future..... Boccetti srl 2021

    For us at Boccetti srl, commitment and perseverance are the values that allow us to travel the road to success and innovation, fundamental prerogatives for our team, which aims to become a reference brand for industrial production 4.0.
    future Boccetti srl

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