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Cleaning & Testing equipment

Specialising in the manufacture of valve grinding machines for combustion engines, we have decided to grow and expand our field of activity by implementing a dedicated engineering department. Our company is able to design and develop plants tailored to the needs of our customers for specific operations, such as:

  • Cleaning;
  • Testing
  • Non-destructive testing.

The advantages of our plants:


Thanks to appropriate functional interlocks, which prevent any contact between the operator and the automatic moving parts, the machine can be used in complete safety.

Respect for the working environment

The particular "coalescence filtration" of the emitted fumes, the anti-stillicide tank and the integral insulated panels of the washing cabin guarantee high protection of the working environment

Ease of use

The user-friendly graphics of the touch screen operator panel simplify all control and monitoring of the system.


The height of the loading surface, the position of the glove boxes and the concentration of all controls close to the operator's station ensure maximum machine ergonomics.


The optimisation of the spaces, used to define the internal layout, has made it possible to achieve a reduced machine encumbrance, facilitating installation even in tight working spaces.


The high number of optional equipment and the flexible design of the washing cycles make each system versatile and tailored to the specific needs of our customers.


Thanks to top-quality electro-mechanical components and effective design solutions based on the engineering department's consolidated experience.

Easy maintenance

The diagnostics available in the operator panel and the possibility of monitoring the PLC inputs and outputs contribute, together with the effective arrangement of the electro-mechanical components on board the machine, to simplified maintenance activities
Numerous options offer further advantages in productivity, handling and cleaning quality to customers with very specific requirements

The washing cabins of the FLC 75 series, with their extreme versatility, represent, in many industrial fields, the ideal solution for the removal of chemical and particle contamination from the surfaces of various mechanical parts during both inter-operational cleaning and finishing activities

The IB355 immersion washing machine is the ideal solution for cleaning mechanical parts by means of immersion washing, with the aid of a hydrokinetic action, ultrasonic washing and a final rinse.

The RB series of rotary drum washing machines provides a simple solution for degreasing and cleaning mechanical parts, proportionate to the actual volumes to be processed.

The washing machines of the SD series are designed to carry out, in a single tank system, multiphase washing cycles with various process fluids and remarkable washing techniques, all aimed at obtaining a very high degree of cleanliness and drying, even on mechanical parts with complex shapes

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