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This line of systems is designed to satisfy the most specific requirements for deep cleaning of mechanical parts with complex geometric shapes.

The configuration of a washing machine of the SD series is characterised by the size, 60 or 80 (drum size), by the combination between the type of drum and the spraying ramps to be used, as well as by the process fluids that will be used in the various phases of the washing cycle.


Basket types:

The basket for containing the parts to be cleaned can be

  • Fixed
  • Rotating (around a horizontal axis), thanks to which a deeper removal of the mechanical part or waste swarf is obtained, while still ensuring minimum contact between the mechanical parts to be processed.

Injection ramps:

The spraying ramps, equipped with full cone or fan spray nozzles, can be:

  • Fixed, arranged either on the walls of the tank or in the areas of interest according to the rotation of the rotating basket;
  • mobile, characterised by a horizontal translating motion, this type allows mechanical components to be treated from all possible angles.

Washing cycle:

Washing cycles are characterised by a sequence of phases that are totally programmable and can be carried out with different process fluids and different washing techniques:

Typical process fluids:

  • Cleaning solution (neutral, acidic, alkaline);
  • Passivating solution;
  • Softened water;
  • Demineralised water.

Washing/rinsing/drying techniques:

  • Immersion washing with hydrokinetic action;
  • Immersion washing with ultrasonic activation;
  • Washing by spraying (recirculating or disposable);
  • Blowing by draining;
  • Hot air blowing.
Automatic horizontal sliding lid, with visual mirror and "lid closed" detection sensor
Stainless steel process tank with level controls
Fixed, rotating or tilting basket (depending on configuration)
Fixed or mobile spraying ramps (depending on configuration)
Touch Screen operator panel
Stainless steel tank with level controls (for each process fluid)
Thermoregulation system (for each process fluid)
Recirculation and filtration circuit (for each process fluid)
Automatic filling and level control circuit (for each process fluid) with automatic dosing of concentrated product
Upper blowing ramp (if mobile spraying ramp is present)
Coalescing extractor fan for vapour extraction
Lower antilicide tank
SD 60 – 05 - 2 (Full Optional)
Overall dimensions 3000 x 1800 x
(floor standing)
Tub edge height (with front footboard) 1000 mm
Rotating basket dimensions 600 x 400 mm
Mobile spray ramp YES
Max. workpiece height 150 mm
Max. workpiece basket load 50 daN
Process tank capacity c.a. 230 lt
Detergent solution tank capacity c.a.650 lt
Passivating solution tank capacity c.a.650 lt
Wastewater tank capacity 60 lt
Electrical power supply 400V – 50Hz
three phases + neutral + ground
Installed electrical power c.a. 40.0 kW
Max. Detergent solution temperature 85°C
Max Temp. passivating solution 85°C
Pneumatic power supply Compressed air at 6 bar, ∅ ½”
Water supply Mains water, 1 bar, ∅ ½”
Vapour extraction flow connection D250 mm
Vapour extraction flow ratei 500 mc/h
Washing machine weight (net) c.a.1850 daN
- download the datasheet to find out what optional equipment we can implement

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