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Washing machines and systems are designed to meet the various industrial cleaning requirements of mechanical parts with chemical and/or particle contamination.

The main competitive advantage of these systems is their modularity. In fact, we are able to design and develop machines tailored to the specific needs of each industrial case.

The FLC 75 washing machine can be used in a dual mode:

Manual mode

thanks to which it is possible to carry out the following operations:

  • Washing with spray gun
  • Flushing channels (with dedicated equipment)
  • Drying with a blowing gun

Automatic mode:

The washing cycles are made up of phases, with configurable times and sequences, as shown below:

  • Washing in immersion in detergent solution, hot, with hydrokinetic action (pre-US);
  • Washing in detergent solution immersion, hot, with ultrasonic activation;
  • Washing in hot detergent solution with hydrokinetic action (post-US);
  • Spray rinsing, hot (with disposable water) and tilting ramp;
  • Blowing with high-impact compressed air nozzles and tilting ramp;
  • Flushing (static and dynamic)
A large number of "options" allow the washing cabins to be configured to increase their performance and make them more suitable for specific production needs
Front loading door with sight glass and "door closed" safety sensor
Up/down basket handling system
Touch Screen operator panel
Detergent solution thermoregulation system
Hydro-kinetic washing circuit with filtration
Recirculation circuit with filtration
Level controls
Manual filling and level reset circuit
Mobile upper blowing ramp (adjustable in height)
Internal cabin lighting (process compartment)
Coalescing extractor fan for vapour extraction
Lower antistillicide tank
-Download the data sheet to find out how to customise your system;

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