our operational headquarters
Grugliasco (TO) Italy

Via Libertà 47/49
10095 Grugliasco TO

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8:00am - 6:00pm (GMT +1)

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Boccetti S.r.l.
Via della Libertà 47/49
10095 Grugliasco TO

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+39 011 789 598


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Boccetti srl is a company operating in the wide sector of precision mechanics, specialising in the construction of grinding machines for combustion engine valves.

We are able to perform a wide range of specific machining operations, according to customer requirements, and apply our solutions in all sectors of industrial production.

Thanks to our specialisation and experience, we are leaders in the fields:

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Boccetti srl is a company that works to guarantee high technology, reliability, design and Italian quality.
Through its products and qualified staff, our company exports the Made in Italy brand all over the world.
For us it is fundamental to instil transparency and excellence in our production and logistic process, which is based on the search for quality and functional design, principles of Italian culture and in particular of a company that conceives exclusively in-house production.

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